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We are Erica and Francesco, from Italy

We deeply believe in the Cardano project.

We think it can really change the world we live in, and we want to dedicate ourselves to the change

We are an illustrator and a developer/IT project manager. We are experienced, and we love to expand our skills 💛

We believe that a more decentralized society can improve the lives of everyone; so in our small way we want to support the growth of the network

What we offer

and why stake with us is a good choice


It's just us, we're not affiliated with any large exchanges pool. We have a core node and 2 relays, one in Germany and the other in Canada

Honest Fees

We keep fixed costs at a minimum of 340 x epoch, and the fees at 3%. We are a small node, so we are a long way from saturation, with the possibility of higher rewards!

Experience + Passion

BEEZ is managed by an experienced IT professional, who devotes all his free hours to this project. He just loves Cardano, you're in good hands


At the moment we have a pledge of 1500 ADA. Our plan is to increase it over time, making constant updates and upgrades of our servers.

How to stake?

You can easily delegate your Cardano (ADA) tokens and be rewarded for the delegation by taking part in the network


It’s simple!

Beez Purpose

Why we do this?

Decentralization + community

We are here because we deeply believe in the community and in a more sustainable future. Being part of this ecosystem allows us to support Cardano's vision, contributing to the growth and decentralization of the network. Supporting small stack pools like BEEZ, allows the system to work better, and avoids the monopoly of the “big” ones.

We use our skills to spread the word

With infographics and social networks, BEEZ want to make Cardano accessible and shareable with everyone

We have plans | DApp Project

We want to be a part of this, we're here to stay. We have a cool project for a DApp, we are currently studying Plutus and working to the UI prototype, we'll present it very soon on Twitter

Creating NFTs sets in the future
How cool would it be to have your custom bee?

What's the buzz? If you want to know more, consult the FAQ section