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Dive in the world of Cardano, everything you need to know to start delegating your tokens securely

Delegation is the process by which an ADA holder delegates the stake associated with his ADA to a stake pool. Staking does not require any specific knowledge. It allows those who do not have the skills or the time to run a node to participate in the network and be rewarded proportionally to the stake delegated

Just open Daedalus or Yoroi and go to the delegation center.

Do a search, you will find us with the name BEEZ🐝, at this point you just have to click on delegate and that's it!

No, neither in terms of sum, nor of time.

You have the total freedom to delegate as much as you want and for the time you feel is right.

When you want, with a couple of clicks you can unstake your ADA

Yes, your funds will remain safe in your wallet.

The transfer will be immediate, and the remaining funds will continue to be staked, earning rewards until you choose to move them.

Remember: Your ADA should never leave your wallet or be sent to another wallet by stake. Be wary of anyone who asks you to send your funds or want to know your secret phrase

In the Cardano Network an epoch is a measurement length of time.

An epoch lasts 5 days. Each epoch contains 21,600 slots (the smallest unit of time) so an average slot is 20 seconds, and contains a block to be produced

Each epoch the pool receives a percentage of your rewards.

Our fee is 3%.

We use it to ensure stable servers and to grow our staking infrastructure, to scale together with Cardano when more features are built on top of the network

After delegating, your first rewards will arrive after 16-20 days.

After each epoch, your rewards will be paid directly into your wallet on the mainnet after each epoch, so every 5 days

You can go to the “contact us” page on this site and fill out the form, or you can find us on Twitter and Telegram

What technology do you use?

Each machine has:

We plan to upgrade each server to:

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